Website Design Course

      The WordPress course from EDRAK will help your blog zoom way ahead of others in terms of usability and aesthetics. It is currently counted among one of the best blogging tools in use on the internet. It is an open source blogging and content management system (CMS) based on MySQL and PHP. It is a free tool that makes it extremely easy for almost anybody to share ideas, images, music and videos. WordPress can also be used not only as a blogging system but also as CMS to store static data and information that can easily be updated.

Course Objectives

Installing WordPress using cPanel or manually on your webhost

Creating pages, menus and writing posts on your blog site

Adding Plug-ins and using the admin panel

Adding images, picture galleries, audio/video on the website

Maintaining security against spam

Maintaining a back up of your database

Hits and visitors tracking

Employing role-based workflows

Customizing your website by editing themes

Designing an advanced WordPress website

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